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Indian Army Recruitment Rallies are done all over the year in different cities of different states. These Recruitment Rallies are the  source of filling the empty posts of Soldier. Sports person and Musicians are also recruited through such rallies. The candidates don’t need to apply or send an application form months before the rally. Instead it is  a walk-in for Indian Army. Eligible candidates can directly appear in the Indian Army Recruitment Rally.

Modern India has witnessed several soldiers who have laid down their lives for their motherland. The names of such warriors have been written down  in the history of Indian army. Whether in the Indo-China war or the Kashmir attacks, Indian military history states, with pride, that their troops have always successfully forced the enemies to retreat. In fact, whenever the outsiders have tried to kill the harmony and peace of India, the Indian army has always succeeded in the battleground and vanquished the trespassers.

History of Indian Army shows that since ancient times a conventional method of warfare was followed. Hence the structure, strength and the policies differed in the various empires, but what remained unaltered, was the undeterred bravery with which the courageous men faced their foes. Indian Army that is well regarded as the epitome of chivalry, gallantry and intrepidity, is the subcontinent’s guardian against all kinds of intrusions. The Indian army assures and makes certain that every civilian can assuredly retreat to slumber whilst they are guarding the border of the nation round the clock, with their lives with highly developed and technically advanced weapons and best strategic planning.

Candidates applying for the Indian Army should be physically fit and should”nt be have any medical complication.The most important part of Indian Army rallies are running.So candidates applying in the army should practice running months before such rallies. Most of the Army rallies take about 4-5 days to complete.

Upcoming army rally / bharti 2015-2016:

(1) Location: Ghoom,District Darjeeling. Rallies starting from 28th of Sep,2015 and it”ll end on 5th of Oct,2015.

(2)Location: Silchar(Assam).Rallies starting from 1st of Oct and will end on 7th of Oct.

(3) Location:Mehsana / Baruch,Pune zone.Rallies starting from 1st of October and will end on 18th of Oct,2015.

(4) Location:Host ARO – Coimbatore.Railles starting from 3,Oct,2015 and will end on 12th of Oct,2015.

(5) Location:Butwal. Rallies are starting from 10th of Oct and will end on 19th of Oct,2015.

(6) Location:Rangia (Assam). Rallies are starting from 17th of Nov and will end on 26th of Nov,2015.

(7)Location:Host ARO – Trichy.Rallies will start from 17 Nov 2015 and will end on 26 Nov 2015.

(8) Location:Tatanagar / Lohardaga.Rallies will start from 20 Nov 2015 and will end on 25 Nov 2015.

(9) Location:Kakinada. Rallies will start from 05 Jan 2016 and will end on 14 Jan 2016.

(10) Location:Danapur / Ara.Army rallies will start from 05 Jan 2016 and will end on 16 Jan 2016.

(11) Location:Muzzafarpur / Darbhanga.Rallies will start from 03 Feb 2016 and will end on 12 Feb 2016.

(12)Location:Kothagudam.Rallies will start from 04 Feb 2016 and will end on 13 Feb 2016.

Here are the chart of all the rallies that will be held in the year 2015-16.Candidates who are looking for some extra thing can go to the official site of the Indian Army.Thanks for giving a visit to our website.We provide latest news and updates for candidates searching for government jobs. Bookmark our website and share it. Stay tuned for more updates.

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