Current Affairs pdf monthly download – GK easy notes and important one liner questions

Current affairs refer to the important incidents that have occurred and hold social importance in the world.  Today, every school focuses on acquainting the students regarding the current affairs of the world. This is an effort to build a habit in the student, to stay updated and hence, to stay aware.  The important role of current affairs can be evident with the various eligibility criteria adopted by the job sector, where individuals are hired based on their knowledge of their surroundings.  The professional bodies while conducting examinations always test the student’s knowledge of current affairs. Aspirants who wish to crack IAS, Bank PO/clerks, LLB, PSUs, SSCs or entrance examinations like MBA, etc cannot succeed those exams without in-depth knowledge of current affairs.

If you are aspiring for a reasonable job in corporate, bank or government organization, your current affairs knowledge is tested. There are a number of cases where the students have gone up to the last round of interviews but, when they could not discuss on some important current issues, they have lost the chances.  So, current affairs plays a vital role in our lives in many aspects.


In this section we will provide some tips through which you will be able to prepare yourself for the current affairs so that you can crack the competitive exams easily :

  1. Read news papers regularly. Take any newspaper of your choice. Read it daily by making a time slot for reading the news paper. Glance at it from first to last page once, and then read those important news items (of your interest) meticulously.  Make notes of important points. Make it your habit.
  2. If you’re reading about controversies, gather information of social, economic and political background of the happening. Find out what are the critical issues. Who are those people expressing their views, what are their perspectives in relation to the issue. Think about the biases. Think about the news from different angles.
  3. Do a SWOT analysis of the issue. And think about solutions. You are a responsible citizen of the country and you have a view point of your own.
  4. Always remember, think of a solution – you just can’t read about a crisis and leave it there. Start analyzing the situation; discuss your views with your teachers, friends, parents and others. You will hear many others views. This will give you a larger picture.
  5. Join some group on Internet such as Face book/Twitter express your views. This is how you will grow.


Current Affairs pdf monthly download


Here is the list of monthly current affairs pdf file. This will help you to prepare for the competitive exams.


Candidates can use this link to download the current affairs pdf file  (May 2015 – April 2016) –


Current Affairs May 2016


Current Affairs June 2016


Current Affairs July 2016


Current Affairs August 2016


Current Affairs September 2016


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