Indian army All Zones/States Open Bharti Rally Dates / Schedule 2016

Indian army is the largest standing army in the world. There are always more men eager to join the army and serve there country at any time. For the recruitment purpose, the country is divided into recruiting zones. Every zone is allotted a quota for recruitment based on a percentage of its population. A legacy slowly being diluted, is that of combat arm units or regiments recruiting from a particular zone. India has witnessed several brave soldiers who have laid down their lives to their motherland. The names of such warriors have been written in the history of Indian army.

Whether in the Indo-China Conflict or the Kashmir attacks, Indian military history states,they have never back down and fought bravely. Whenever the outsiders have tried to disturb the harmony and peace of India, the Indian army has marched to the battleground and destroyed the enemies. The Indian army assures and makes certain that every civilian can assuredly retreat and are safe,whilst they are guarding the border of the nation round the clock. They have highly developed and technically advanced weapons and best strategic planning so that if the attack happens in our country they are absolutely ready for that. So if the candidates wants to join the army and want to serve there country they have a bright chance because the Indian Army is releasing various rallies for the recruitment in Army. Here you can find all the rallies which will be coming in next year.

Indian army All Zones/States Open Bharti Rally Dates / Schedule 2016

Candidates who want to join Indian Army have a golden chance to join as Indian Army has released there official rallies schedule for the year 2016. A lot of candidate have a wish and desire to join the army. They want to serve there country with pride and prestige. So for all the candidates out there here is the list of army rallies to be held in our country. They are as follows:

(1) Head Quarters/Venue: Jalandhar/Patiala. The venue is Sangrur.The rallies will start on 04 to 10 January,2016.The district which are covered in this rallies are Sangrur,Mansa and Barnala.

(2) R.O(H.Q) Jaipur: The venue for the rally is Jaipur.The rally will start on 4th of Jan and it will end on 14th of Jan,2016.District to be covered in this rally is Jaipur district.

(3) Chennai/Vizag: The venue for this rally is kakinada. District to be covered on this rally are Krishna, West Godavari, Yanam.The rally will start on 5th of Jan and will end on 14th of Jan,2016.

(4) Danapur/Muzzaffarpur: The venue for this rally are Danapur and Muzzaffarpur.The rally will start on 05 jan and will end on 15th of Jan,2016 in Muzzaffarpur and the second rally will start on Danapur on 2nd of Mar and will end on 13th of Mar,2016.District to be covered in the rallies are West champaran,East champaran,Sheohar,Madhubani,Dharbhanga.

(5) Lucknow/Varanasi: The venue for the rally are Gorakhpur/Ghazipur.The rally will start from 5th of Jan and will end on 19th of Jan,2016.District to be covered in this rally are Mirazpur,Gorakhpur,Jaunpur,Ghazipur.

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