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Services Selection Board (SSB), is the Personality and Intelligence Interview spread over 5 days which scientifically analyses each candidate’s potential and compatibility for commission into the Armed Forces of India.  The SSB Interview is a tough nut to crack!  Each year, thousands of students apply for competitive exams like NDA (National Defence Academy), CDS (Combined Defence Services), AFCAT etc. These entrance exams are ways for students to join various sections of Indian Armed Forces like- Indian Army, IAF (Indian Air Force) and Indian Navy. After clearing written part of these exams, successful candidates then have to face SSB Interview! In short, SSB Interview acts like a filter, which helps selection officers filter out the ‘right candidates’ who may go on and become Commissioned Officers in the Armed Forces.

In this article, we will discuss about Do’s and Dont’s Tips while appearing for SSB interview.

SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview – Details


SSB interview is conducted by Services Selection Board for the recruitment of officers into the Armed Forces of India.  In SSB, the personal interview is the psychological assessment of the candidate by the the interviewing officer usually in the rank of colonel i.e. who is the president or deputy president of the board. The interviewing officer reads well the PIQ filled by the candidate on the first day and also have the psychological test paper i.e. self description and comments of the psychologist over the candidate, in his hand before the candidate is called inside the interview room. Thus the the interviewing officer just cross check the candidate by triggering some basic questions, and also triggering the series of questions at a stretch that is called as Rapid Fire Questions(RPF). With these replies he note down the response and check the candidate whether he is truth ful with his answers and also he note down the Officer Like Qualities (OLQ) of the candidate. So nothing to worry about the SSB Personal Interview friends, just be calm and march with good preparation, then it will be easy to crack the interview.

Let us discuss about what to do and what not to do while attending SSB Interviews.

Do’s and Don’ts at SSB Interview



  • Have proper hair cut before the interview and comb the hair well.
  • Prefer dress with good quality and properly ironed.
  • Enter the interview room with head held high and uprighted chest as this gives you a confident approach.
  • Wish the interviewer while entering the room with proper sense such as check whether is morning, or evening or noon.
  • Have a proper and constant voice tone, never raise your voice tone while telling about your achievements or reduce your voice tone while telling about your negative points.
  • Have proper answer for your positive and negative points.
  • Have a proper body language.
  • Understand the questions clearly and and start to answer to that question slowly and confidently.
  • In case, if you felt that you dont know the answer, just say after thinking a while, sorry sir i dont know the answer.
  • In case, if you didnt get the question from the interviewer means, ask him as sorry sir, i beg your pardon, please repeat the question.
  • Keep a record of all the Bio data, for you will need this to fill up your arrival info form.
  • During Psychological tests, Always write positive sentences/story it should bring out the officer like qualities (of which you have been taught.)




  • Never insert your hands into your pocket, leave it casually. Since the very first impression gives you a positive result.
  • Don wear new dress or old own, wear dress which is properly stitched and good fitting.
  • Avoid boot cuts and all.. Wear proper formal pant.
  • Dont wear watch, or have something in the pocket.
  • Don’t argue with the interviewing officer. But tel your point with some positive points on that.
  • Never blame anyone for your shortcomings such as low marks due to teacher etc. Since they dont want people who blame for shortcomings. They want people only who take every situation positive and over come the shortcomings with hardwork.
  • Dont bluff to the interviewer and be honest to yourself and the interviewer.


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